Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diaper Cakes!

We had fun making these decorative keepsake diaper cakes! The first cake was for a baby shower for a western themed baby boy.

Horses, Stars, Bandana, and Rope helped create the western diaper cake.

The next cake was made from Depends for a 5o th  Over the Hill Birthday Party! A hot flash fan, denture cream, denture case, magnifying glass, uricalm, duct tape for instant face lift, a flabsucker, over the hill ribbons, boa, and ting accented the depends diapers for a fun keepsake centerpiece. The party had a zebra, hot pink, and Diva theme, so we stayed with the black, pink, and white color scheme.

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  1. I'm loving how your diaper cakes look. Each cake you have looks completely different.


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